New Website has been online for a good while now, and the last major redesign happened about 5 years ago. Since then, I've designed and coded at a number of websites for other people, but kept postponing the redesign of my own site.

It's been long overdue.

Color Kelim

Why did it take so long? Every other half year, I started scribbling and test-piloting concepts, but the sketches never left my digital drawer. It wasn't really indecisiveness over the design, but more of a conceptual question: How do I want to present myself online? As a graphic designer, or a design studio? As a visual artist, an illustrator? As a sounddesigner, a musician? I've been juggling different professions as long as I can think, but the idea of presenting them all side by side seemed daunting, if not pretentious.


But to hell with this dilemma. While I accept that there is need and demand for specialist in any field, I have always embraced the idea of being a generalist. At the risk of becoming a jack of all trades (and master of none), I am happy to have found interest in many fields. Stay curious!

How this website works

I wanted to step away from a pure online portfolio. There are myriads of graphic design portfolios out there, and I cease to bore you with another one. The landing page is a random collection of things – drawings and little sketches next to client work, tour photography, quotes and other objets trouvés. You can dive into a piece from there, and use the tag links (displayed over the titles) to find more entries related to a specific tag. So, to juxtapose my own promise, in a way you can access a (sort of) portfolio, but the navigation has been obscured, and quite on purpose so. It's not a gapless overview of work done. The website is a selective collage, and you might discover things in a playful way.

On the other side, there's the log section. My former website also had a log, and it's one of the few elements the current website absorbed. The log lists all of the entries in reversed chronological order (with the exception of external references, e.g. social media posts or quotes). It's text-based, systematical and very ordentlich.

In a status of flux

This iteration of is being launched as work in progress. Bits of content have been added, a few album covers here and visual experiments there, older work next new material, all in a really non-systematical manner. The content form of this website will grow and change, and I am embracing this as one of the online mediums' strongest features: It's not set in stone.

So that's it, dear reader – criticism, encouragement or general inquiries are always welcome at!

Posted: Jul 01, 2016