Universal Serial Buzz


USB – Universial Serial Buzz

Physical transfer of digital data

For this project, a number of USB sticks is distributed, and the participant is asked to make a (digital) contribution to the project. After that, the stick is handed to the next person / contributor. The USB stick and its digital content travel in a physical way only. Therefor, data takes other routes and detours as it would if being sent digitally. After a full of a year, the USB sticks are collected, and its content is presented in a travel journal.


  1. The USB stick is forwarded directly, from person to person, and must not be send by mail.

  2. The receiver uploads a contribution of his choice onto the USB stick. Please only use your own material, and make sure that no copyrights are violated.

  3. There are no restrictions in terms of format and content. Text, image, movie, sound or multi-media content are possible. The consecutive entries may, but do not have to, relate to each other.

  4. The entry may consist of one or several files. Please never use more then half of the space available on the stick when receiving it (you may use 2 GB at max. if 4 GB are available, 1 GB if 2 GB are free etc.).

  5. For your entry, please create a folder on the USB stick. Name the folder with the date of receiving the stick, and add an (optional) title for you work. Example: 2012-01-01-NAME Please also add a text file containing your name, location, and contact data (e-mail). An informative text (description) regarding your contribution is optional.

  6. The USB should not be at one place or with one participant for longer than a month. Please forward it after that period of time, even if you have not added a contribution (in that case, please create an empty folder and name as described under point 5).

  7. By the end of the year 2012, the USB sticks will be re-collected. If the USB stick is in your hands after the 21st of december 2012, please contact be for a possibility of handing over.

I am looking forward to all entries. Even if you can not or do not want to add an entry, I would highly appreciate it if you could forward the USB-stick, as the project fails otherwise.

Lucas Dietrich
Berlin, January 2012


Informations regarding the process and the conclusion of this project will be presented on this site. Join the mailing list for news regarding the project. You will receive project-relevant data only, your e-mail address will not be forwarded or abused for advertising purpose.

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Posted: Jan 09, 2012