Eyes of a Blue Dog: Rise

The initial brief was for a band logo/icon, for which I created a custom logo type out of Rosmary leaves. I sent the client a photo of the making-of, and the band liked & approved the concept. Half a year later, I was asked to create a vinyl cover based on the very idea, possibly even using the original making-of photo.

Eyes of a Blue Dog
Vinyl cover for Eyes of a Blue Dog's album »Rise«.

The problem: I had send the making-of photo for the sheer purpose of documentation, and did not care to save it anywhere. In short: I was unable to find the originals. Therefor, I meticulously re-created the setup, which turned out to be a very time- and labour-intense process. It was only after I imported the re-created photos, that I found the original photos on my external backup drive. Lesson learnt: Always keep the documentary material!

Eyes of a Blue Dog