Kjetil Husebø: Contradictions

In this first collaboration with Kjetil Husebø, a pianist & live electronics musician form Norway, a childhood picture of the artist was the conceptual starting point. To interpret the album title, Contradictions, I juxtaposed the warmth the photo emits with a layer of ice.

Kjetil Husebø - Contradictions

For that purpose, I applied an analogue to the picture by re-printed it, then freezing it into a block of ice. I documented the process of the ice melting while revealing the photo, and turned it into this album cover. The digipac artwork contains a few more of visual contradictions. For instance, a shape with 15 vertex points (one for each of the 15 tracks) was printed on the blank silver of the CD, to juxtapose the roundness of the medium with an angular shape.

Kjetil Husebø