Ignaz Schick / Oliver Steidle: ilog

Cover for the self-entitled album »ilog« by Ignaz Schick / Oliver Steidle. »ilog« is a new Berlin based concrete jazz-core/noise duo which started performing live in late Autumn 2013. Both artists are a highly prolific and involved in numerous projects in the capital. Their musical output is varied & ranges from jazz, noise, free improv, new music or musique concrete. ILOG focusses on very crisp energetic cut up pieces combining old school free jazz energy with a solid punk attitude & current streams of electro-acoustic & concrete noises. The music is strictly improvised, fast moving and refreshing. Their first couple of shows in Berlin very received with great enthusiasm by the Berlin experimental music community. Besides the debut release on Boomslang Records they are preparing the “ilog Noise Symphony” which will premiere with international guest artist in early 2017.

Ignaz Schick / Oliver Steidle